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Big oil deception vs. climate accountability

State seeks greater environmental accountability through litigation


people walking near fire
Choking planet: exposing oil corporations’ emission secrets

Oil companies’ concealed emissions damage Earth’s wellbeing.


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Unravelling history: Oppenheimer’s impact on atomic weapons

Oppenheimer’s genius led to the creation of the terrifying atomic bomb.


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The power of fairness: taxing the rich to tackle the debt crisis

By redistributing wealth, the burden of the debt can be alleviated.


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EPA sued over unregulated water pollution: industries under fire

EPA faces a lawsuit over unregulated water pollution from oil refineries, plastics plants, and other industries.


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The hidden cost of forever chemicals: a toxic legacy unveiled

Forever chemicals pose a toxic legacy with devastating societal and environmental costs.


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Goldman Prize champions fight against corporate polluters

Goldman Prize winners stand up to corporate polluters, leaving a lasting impact on our environment. Be inspired by their remarkable stories of triumph.

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Earth day message to Biden: ‘end the era of fossil fuels!’

BY JON QUEALLY “We’re in trouble everyone, we’re in big trouble. But here’s the good…

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UK report shows promise of 100% clean energy—without nuclear power—by 2050

BY BRETT WILKINS “All public and enforced consumer spending on new nuclear power and carbon…