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Global stocktake: unravelling the Paris Agreement

Paris Agreement’s success leans on global stocktake’s efficiency.


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Food waste revolution: transforming our habits, transforming our planet

Over 30% of all food produced globally goes to waste, exacerbating hunger and environmental challenges.


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7 ways to spot robust Net-Zero national commitments

In 2015, the Paris Agreement set a global goal to limit warming to well below…

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Maximize ROI with public charging stations

The MS-Excel-based tool ‘Financial Analysis of Charging station (FACt)’ (the “Tool”) has been developed to…

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Clean hydrogen: outlook for freight transport in the United States

This paper discusses opportunities for clean hydrogen to decarbonize freight transport in the United States.…

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What You Need to Know About Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

By Kelley Kizzier, Kelly Levin and Mandy Rambharos for the World Resources Institute Article 6 is one…

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36 countries are gaining more trees than they’re losing

By Katie Reytar, Darby Levin, Elizabeth Goldman, Fred Stolle, Mikaela Weisse and Peter Potapov  We know that deforestation is an ongoing, devastating…

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6 pressing questions about beef and climate change, answered

By Richard Waite, Tim Searchinger, Janet Ranganathan and Jessica Zionts  Editor’s Note: This article was updated in March 2022…

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Setting the record straight about renewable energy

By Susan Tierney and Lori Bird As analysts and observers of the transition to a lower-carbon and workable…