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Clearing the PR Pollution That Clouds Climate Science.

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American PR firm Edelman enabled oil baron Al Jaber’s ascension to lead COP28 Climate Conference

Edelman PR’s manoeuvrings bolstered ADNOC’s Al Jaber to COP28 leadership.


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Anti-ULEZ protest group promotes conspiracy theories and climate science denial

Activists rally against ULEZ expansion


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Climate activist crackdown linked to oil-funded think tank

Oil-funded think tank’s role in shaping climate protest laws.


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A guide to the anti-net zero forces in Westminster politics

Exposed: Westminster’s hidden anti-net zero forces


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Consumer choice center exposes EU lobbying secrets

Consumer Choice Center uncovers secretive EU lobbying practices


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Paper packaging brings deforestation risk, say Indonesian campaigners

Indonesian campaigners reveal the link between paper packaging and deforestation


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Pesticide industry ‘helped write’ disinformation playbook used by big oil and big tobacco, report reveals

Monsanto’s role in hiding the link between glyphosate and cancer


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Major Tory donor’s oil and gas firm granted government licences to explore CO2 storage in North Sea

Major Tory donor granted government licenses for CO2 storage in the North Sea


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Scientists have now linked worsening western wildfires to top polluters

Big oil’s involvement in the worsening western wildfires comes to light.


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McDonald’s leads lobbying offensive against laws to reduce packaging waste in Europe

McDonald’s takes the lead in lobbying against packaging waste laws in Europe