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Fast fashion’s waste problem could be solved by recycled textiles but brands need to help boost production

Recycled textiles emerge as a potential solution to fast fashion.


woman wearing black blouse
Age, not class, is now the biggest divide in British politics, new research confirms

Age now overshadows class in UK politics


white and black letter b
Women used to be more likely to vote Conservative than men but that all changed in 2017 – we wanted to find out why

Women historically voted more Conservative than men.


group of people walking beside white building
Tears, compromise, divorce – what it’s like to leave the UK because of Brexit

Personal stories overshadow Brexit’s broader political narrative.


man in white dress shirt sitting beside woman in orange long sleeve shirt
Wealthy but worried: why the UK’s top 10% are turning their backs on the rest of society

UK’s wealthiest 10% increasingly distancing from society.


three women beside table looking at MacBook
How to design menopause leave policies that really support women in the workplace

Menopause leave is a tangible solution for gender equity.


a group of people at an outdoor market
How community markets for all could be a sustainable alternative to food banks

Community markets offer a sustainable alternative to traditional food banks.


couple holding pair of brown and white low-top sneakers
The British public often has unexpected opinions about welfare spending – here’s why

Brits’ surprising views on welfare spending


people in street
Hiring refugees is not just ‘doing a good thing’ – research shows it can also help businesses

Businesses benefit from the skills and resilience of refugees.


three women sitting wooden bench by the tulip flower field
Women are less happy than men – a psychologist on why and four things you can do about it

Gender gap in happiness: Women less content than men.