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The inner workings of governments, and particularly global treaties, are not always clear or accessible to the average citizen.

But climate change affects us all. And requires action from us all.

By hosting the negotiations and progress reports on a global stage, under the watchful eye of the world’s media and cross sector representatives, COPs help to create accountability.

Perhaps most importantly, they help to give a voice to those countries in the Global South who are already experiencing devastating impacts of global heating (despite having the smallest carbon footprints).

With everyone in the same room, the urgency and impacts of our actions can be made real to those decision makers with the power to create change. Underrepresented voices can be heard, and countries can be held accountable.

Campaigning organisation Fashion Revolution said it best when publishing their Fashion Transparency Index 2022:

“Transparency is a first step; it is not radical, but it is necessary. When brands publicly disclose information, it allows anyone to scrutinise their policies, hold them accountable for their claims and advocate for positive change.”

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It is this kind of transparency that meant the UK Government could be taken to court to strengthen their Net Zero Strategy.

COPs are essentially an exercise in public disclosure at a global governance level.

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