Create change with the #EthicalHour Action Hub

Make More Impact. Drive Lasting Change.

Throughout history, campaigners have taken action on the causes they care about and helped shape a better, brighter future.

At a time when we’re facing unprecedented global challenges, all action counts.

Chances are, if you’re here, you’ve already had your ‘lightbulb moment’ inspiring you to do something. But when you’re busy juggling the pressures of day-to-day life, knowing exactly what to do to have the biggest impact isn’t always easy.

That’s why we built the #EthicalHour Action Hub

From small but impactful lifestyle switches, to petitions and political action – you’ll find all the tools you need to make your voice heard and influence change.

We’ve partnered with charities, campaigners and grassroots organisations to bring you a centralised source of information and action, so you can have more impact in less time.

And we’ve made it easy to share resources, news and positive wins on all the issues close to your heart, so you can inspire others to join the cause too.

A voice for change

Since 2016, #EthicalHour has been starting the conversations that matter.

when #EthicalHour began, the world was a very different place.

Pre Blue Planet II and the surge in plastic pollution awareness.

Pre roll out of the Paris Agreement.

Pre COP26 and the landmark pledges committed.

Pre Climate Change Act 2018.

In the greatest decade of climate change awareness, #EthicalHour has been right there at the cutting-edge; making the news, science and legislation accessible and actionable.

Our community, campaigning, training and advocacy work has taken these message mainstream, engaged millions around the world, launched and grown hundreds of ‘better brands’, elevated important causes, and created sustainable behaviour change.

Now, as people, companies and governments around the world step up on sustainability, we’re ready to meet them with all the resources they need to make the next decade the greatest for climate action.

What’s next?

Explore the global issues facing people and planet, achieve a quick win in 5 minutes or less, make changes to your lifestyle or add your voice to a bigger campaign. You’ll find it all here inside our Action Hub.