? You get goosebumps when you hear about brands like TOMS Shoes and the number of lives they’ve changed, just from the spark of a simple idea

? It breaks your heart to see people, animals and the planet struggle and suffer, and you know you’re destined to make a difference

? You dream of bringing more meaning to your work. The idea of improving people’s lives lights you up, and you know you could have a huge impact…

A legacy isn’t just about looking back – it’s about looking forward at the future we’re creating…

The Sustainable Development Goals give us a roadmap towards a better, more sustainable future for everyone. You can use them to create a powerful legacy of positive impact that touches lives all around the world!

Legacy: The Sustainable Development Goals in Action is an international bestseller, written by 52 Big Why business owners who are unlocking the power of the SDGs to grow their business, make a difference in the world and create a beautiful, powerful legacy.

Inside, they share their personal stories, insights and practical tips to help you do the same.

This book that has the what, why and how of creating a business that truly matters. You’ll find our Founder Sian Conway-Wood in chapter 12, sharing her journey from fast fashion addict to ethical living advocate.


Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Vice-Chair of the U.N. Global Compact, Former CEO of Unilever
By putting itself to the service of others, by putting purpose above profit, and by putting shared responsibility and prosperity as the kitemarks of success, business can be the catalyst for the transformative progress the world desperately needs. The central message of ‘Legacy’ could not therefore be more pertinent. Business truly can change the world. And as this book shows, everyone can make their own individual contribution.

Director-General of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Geneva
When taken together and properly channelled, each individual contribution, each humanitarian gesture – no matter how small – be it from a volunteer or a corporation, amounts to a potentially massive force for good, a force for alleviating suffering. This book and the people who helped write it are a great example of collaboration to provide a much bigger impact than each one of us can make alone.

President of UN Global Compact Network Singapore
We can secure the inheritance of a better world to live for the next generation. For centuries, humans have evolved and survived calamities and strife. It should not be different for this generation. Complex or costly, solutions are in sight. Willpower is a necessary ingredient. Every purposeful action, big or small, can make a positive difference. Draw inspiration from these fellow authors and act now.