Get Involved In Small Business Week

12th – 18th June 2023

Micro businesses and SMEs are the backbone of the UK economy, and the driving force behind more responsible, ethical and sustainable business practices.

Times have never been tougher. But the work of ethical and sustainable small business has never mattered more.

The next UK government must recognise the importance of these businesses, and put the support in place to ensure they don’t just survive, but thrive.

We want them to listen to YOU – the small business owners and the people who support them.

Help us tell the government what you need.

Make your voice heard.

Join Britain’s Biggest Sustainability Campaign as we turn our attention to Small Businesses.

Have Your Say

Our Small Business consultation is open, and it’s time to have your say!

Completing this quick survey will take less than 8 minutes, but will be hugely influential. 

Our analysts are preparing a list of sensible, achievable and impactful actions the next government needs to take.

Tell them what support your small business needs, so we can tell the next government.

Complete this week’s consultation and make your voice heard!

Share your support!

I’m proud to support #SmallBusiness!

Will you join me?

Raise your voice!

Let’s call on the government to support the #SmallBiz that make this country great!

Let’s #ShopSmall and create change!


Small businesses like mine make a BIG impact for people, planet and the UK!
We need support.
Join us as we call on the government to protect the nation’s #SmallBusiness backbone.
Will you help us survive and thrive?

Need Help To Get Involved?

If you’re a membership organisation or industry body supporting small businesses, we want to help you get involved, share your expertise, and make sure the people in your network have their voices heard too. Here’s how we’re supporting businesses like yours.

If you’re a charity, NGO or campaigning organisation, we want to amplify your work! Find out more about how we’re partnering with organisations like yours.