23 easy ways to start taking climate action now

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So you’re ready to take some climate action…but don’t know where to start?

The 2021 IPCC report was clear – ALL action counts. Everything we do, big or small, makes a difference. So start where you are, do what you can.

Here’s some ‘pick and mix’ ideas to get you started:

1. Fill your newsfeed with solutions, not doom mongering! It’ll keep your eco anxiety at bay and help you have constructive, inspiring and action-sparking conversations.

2. Read about Project Drawdown to understand that we have all the solutions to the climate emergency- we just need the political will to make them happen. No time for the book? Here’s the TED Talk!

3. Learn about the intersectionality between climate justice and social justice. Elevate marginalised voices, especially indigenous people, people of colour and women, who are disproportionately affected by climate change impacts. @MaryHeglar‘s Green Voices of Colour Twitter list is a great place to start finding people to follow. David Lammy’s TED Talk is a good introduction too.

4. Join an environmental group – there’s lots out there! Sign up to their newsletters, donate financially if you can, lend your skills if you have time. Follow and elevate their work on social media.

5. Write to a political representative about how climate or environmental issues are affecting your life and local area. They are your voice in parliament and local government, ask them to represent you. Here’s how.

6. When you see politicians and leaders tweeting, posting or taking about the need for climate action – ask them what that looks like. Hold them accountable. Put them on the spot to share exactly what they and their party intend on doing about it. Challenge them on their voting record. Websites like http://theyworkforyou.com and http://opendemocracy.net are great resources for fact checking and ensuring leaders are walking the talk.

7. Join a political party. Political will is the force we need to achieve systemic change. Join a party and vote for leaders who believe in climate, take decisive action, challenge those currently in power and have a clear green agenda.

8. Use your vote, and use it strategically. Even if you’re in a ‘safe seat’, opposition parties get funding if they have a certain number of seats and votes. Your vote can help them create change!

9. Become a trustee of a charity – it’s a great way to use your skills to support causes you care about. Getting On Board has lots of resources to help you get started. Large charities hold investments, and are now allowed to prioritise climate outcomes over financial returns.

10. Read and share independent journalism that reports responsibly on climate. What is responsible reporting? Not taking ad revenue from Big Oil. Not doom mongering. Sharing solutions. Elevating marginalised voices. Check out Stop Funding Heat.

11. The IPCC Report proves that climate change is caused by humans. Wealthy humans. With names and addresses. They can and should be held accountable for their crimes. Support the call for an Ecocide law. Ask your government to support it too. Follow @EcocideLaw for more information.

12. Grassroots campaigners around the world are starting to bring cases against Big Oil for human rights abuses – and they’re winning. Read about, share and support their campaigns.

13. Consumption is a leading cause of emissions. Try to reduce your consumption on an individual level. See if there’s a local Library of Things in your area, a swapping group or a community fridge.

14. When you do buy from companies, grill them about their plans to reduce (not just offset!) emissions. When you choose not to buy from an unsustainable company, tell them! Consumer demand can influence change. Find ratings from Ethical Consumer Magazine to help you do your research.

15. Learn about the 7 sins of greenwashing, how to spot unsustainable products and what to avoid when you shop.

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16. Understand how deeply Big Oil are controlling the political system and influencing public opinion. They cause this mess and they won’t go quietly. (And they’re not really working on the solutions either). Fossil fuel companies already know how to decarbonize, they’re just waiting for someone else to pay for it. Watch this TED Talk.

17. Ask your employer to make a climate action plan!

18. Move your money! Read the Banking On Climate Chaos report to understand how banks are financing the fossil fuel industry with our money. Investigate if your bank are involved, and if they are, move. Don’t forget your pension too!

19. Consider becoming a shareholder/AGM activist. You can buy shares which give you voting rights at company AGMs. Shareholder activist groups use this to apply pressure on issues like climate change. Share Action train up AGM activists and have a system where shareholders ‘lend’ them their shares to give them access to AGMs – so this kind of activism doesn’t have to involve financial investing if you want to get involved.

20. Calculate your carbon footprint, for your lifestyle as a whole – or if that feels overwhelming, start with the journeys you take regularly. Make small steps to reduce it, and consider paying to offset the rest. Ecologi is a great resource to make offsetting easy – here’s an affiliate link to get free trees planted when you start!

21. Watch your mindset. Eco anxiety is real, and it stops us taking action. Just 100 Big Oil companies cause 71% of global emissions – so it’s easy to feel too small to make a difference, but we’re not!

22. Did you know, approximately 8-10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions relate to food waste? If food waste were a country, it would be the third biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, behind the US and China. You can take climate action and save money by reducing food waste!

23. Run a website? Switch to green hosting! You can also calculate the carbon footprint of your website.

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