This ethical toymaker is giving children the best gifts of all

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Toys…To adults, they might not be anything special. A cute character here, a piece of Lego to avoid stepping on there! But to children, toys are magical.

Toys unlock the imagination, provide comfort, transport little minds to wondrous places, and make the world brighter. To children, toys are extraordinary.

And what could be more extraordinary than giving a child a new toy?

Choosing a toy that has made the world brighter for others, too.

The most treasured toys are remembered for a lifetime. Passed down from one set of little hands to another.

And it is this heirloom quality, inspiration and brightness that our ethical toymaker creates…

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Arshad’s story begins with his own childhood inspiration. As a young boy in India, Arshad grew up in a home full of handmade treasures, surrounded by the beautiful, traditional craftsmanship of Indian artisans.

As a grown man, reading an article about the plight of toymaker artisans in Channapatna, in the south of India, who were being driven out of business due to mass production, Arshad thought back to his childhood, and realised he had a dream.

Following the spark of inspiration, Arshad went back to India, to visit the artisans, and find ways to help keep their craftsmanship and heritage skills alive.

And so, Ethiqana was born.

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A Fair Trade Social Enterprise, Arshad’s business Ethiqana works with artisans in India to celebrate their traditional techniques and bring them to a new generation – saving these skills from extinction and rebelling against the flood of cheap plastic toys!

Ethiqana’s beautiful, handmade wooden toys are designed to support learning, stimulate imaginative play, and last, and be loved, for a lifetime. And every purchase supports an artisan and their family too.

Arshad and his team of artisans have helped make playtime more magical for hundreds of children. By building an eco-friendly business, he is helping to ensure that our children and grandchildren inherit a beautiful Earth to play on too.

What could be more magical than that?

This Christmas, #ShopEthicalInstead, and choose an ethical toy that little ones will treasure.

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