Petition: Stop sewage polluting our rivers and beaches

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Raw sewage is destroying our beaches, rivers and waterways. Stripped of funds and power, environmental agencies can’t police these crimes against nature. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Tell the government: Properly fund environmental agencies. Give them the legal powers and authority they need. Set more ambitious legal targets to clean up our water.

Sewers carry both rainwater, and wastewater from toilets along the same pipes to water treatment works. When there is too much rainfall, water companies are allowed to discharge overflow from these pipes into rivers and seas.

Although this should only happen rarely, data shows that it is becoming a more frequent, and destructive, occurance.

The Environment Agency found that 90% of sewage monitors at seasides are broken. In many locations, they’re not installed at all.

Over the summer, dozens of beaches had to be closed to swimmers due to high levels of toxic waste.

 And every single one of England’s rivers now fails to meet safety standards – partly due to sewage flooding waterways (chemical and agricultural pollution also play a part).

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Greenpeace is now calling on the government to properly fund environmental agencies, give them the legal powers and authority they need and to set more ambitious legal targets to clean up our water.

Find out more and sign the petition here.

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