When your writer was a wee lass a Christmas stocking had some Satsumas, a handful of Brazils and Walnuts and – if we were lucky – a bag of chocolate money. It definitely wasn’t the main event but still held an unimaginable mystery and excitement for a kid.

Fast forward to 2022 and a stocking has gone the way of so many other things and become a giant cacophony of cheap plastic! Where’s that mystery? Where’s the magic?

It’s no mystery that plastics are the single main cause of ocean pollution on our planet – helped in no part by some of the bits that end up in big socks by the fireplace on Christmas morning. We here at Ethical Hour HQ are here to help with your guide to plastic free goodies.


Made in UK – Peat Free – Great For Pollinators

Seedball Bee Mixes are carefully selected mixes of native wildflowers that bees will love.

Designed to attract solitary bees, honey bees and bumblebees, each tin contains 20 seed balls which is enough to cover 1 metre square in a garden bed or 3-5 medium sized pots. Best scattered in Spring or Autumn.

The perfect gift for nature lovers, let’s all get growing to make more space for nature this Christmas and beyond.


Handmade – Organic – Natural Ingredients

If gold is a little too much for a stocking filler and you don’t know where to start on finding Myrhh, this bar of organic soap holds one of the key ingredients of the Christmas story, smooshed together with yummy tangerine scents.

Naked soap will be wrapped in recycled brown paper. Your order will arrive in re-used, plastic free packaging. This soap is fully biodegradable and the packaging can be composted or recycled.


Vegan – Organic – Dairy, Nut, Gluten Soy & Plastic Free

Each Box contains two individually wrapped, deliciously creamy, organic, dairy-free chocolates, a 3D cardboard puzzle toy to assemble and a fun facts card.

Which woodland creature will you get? A squirrel? A fox? An owl or a hedgehog?

There are 18 to collect, stencils to use after assembling your toy, plus each one comes with its own educational fun facts card. Super-cute!


Vegan – Non-Toxic – Gives To Charity

With 12 shades of skin colours, Colour Me crayons are designed to celebrate diversity and the triangular shape of the crayons helps children develop the correct pencil grip.

This little gift contains 12 vegan, non-toxic skin colour crayons and 5% of the profits from your purchase goes towards educating underprivileged children in South Africa.


Handmade – Fair Trade – Inspires Imagination

There are 12 of these ace wooden dinosaurs to choose from – which one will you pick?

The chunky wooden figures are brightly coloured with a beautiful wood grain edge – each one is unique and is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Sri Lanka from sustainably sourced rubber wood and non-toxic paints.


Plastic Free – Sulphate Free – Palm Oil Free

Gently cleansing and infused with the power of shea, hemp seed and macadamia oils to restore and hydrate, leaving your hair soft, shiny and smooth, this shampoo bar is alive with aromas of subtle floral and fresh woody tones.

Shampoo bars are the plastic-free pioneers of the beauty industry – no bottle, no waste anyone? The good people at KIND2 are on a mission to keep creating products which have a positive impact on the planet. Hooray!

£5, from KIND2


Reclaimed Wood – Handmade – Non Toxic

A traditional favourite that will keep them entertained for hours!

Sometimes the classic toys are the best. Personalise it with their name for an extra special touch. This beautifully simple but effective toy is handcrafted and designed to develop children’s persistence – an important quality in the modern days of instant gratification.

Handmade from local, reclaimed beech wood, with a ball that is hand felted from naturally dyed British wool.

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