70% of Britons are already feeling the effects of climate change

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The latest polls by Ipsos, taken in July 2022, show strong levels of concern about climate change among the British public.

Overall, 84% of people expressed concern, with more than half (52%) saying they are ‘very concerned’. Levels of concern have increased 8 points since April.

When asked about when Britain will start to feel the effects of climate change, 72% say it’s already happening. This is up 5 points from April.

40% say the main cause of the recent hot weather is climate change because of human activity. In 2019, just 26% thought that the hot weather that summer was caused by human activity.

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52% think that the UK should bring all emissions to net zero before 2050, with 26% saying that the 2050 target is about right.

Read the full research here.

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