These startups are leading the way to a circular economy

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When it comes to tackling the huge global problems of waste, pollution and nature restoration, circular economy startups are leading the way.

And now, they’re easier to find and support than ever.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is rolling our a searchable, circular startup database to facilitate innovation, accelerate the circular economy transition, and provide unprecedented visibility of the world’s current circular business opportunities.

The Foundation created the Circular Startup Index to acknowledge the fundamental role startups play in the circular economy transition: startups ignite innovation and innovation fuels circular economy transformation.

500 startups are already represented in the Index across a range of sectors, industries, and geographies. Each has been selected for incorporating one or more principles of the circular economy – eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials, regenerate nature – into its business proposition.

Thousands of entrepreneurs are already innovating for a future in which waste is
eliminated, products and materials are circulated, and nature is regenerated. The
Ellen MacArthur Foundation hopes more circular startups will apply to be part of the Index and for businesses to start searching for their ideal collaboration.

“Designing a circular future requires radical innovation to rethink how our economy
works. Thousands of circular startups are already on the case. But they need more
support and investment. So we created the Circular Startup Index to create visibility of the breadth of circular startups on the market and help businesses discover suitable circular solutions.” Ella Hedley, Project Manager, Startups, Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

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Hugh McCann, Senior Circular Growth Manager at DS Smith, described how the Index is already helping:

“As a leading provider of sustainable, fibre-based packaging across Europe and the US, we are keen to work with disruptive businesses that can bring exciting and
innovative circular solutions to DS Smith, helping us realise our purpose to redefine
packaging for a changing world and reach our industry-leading circular economy

“The Ellen Macarthur Foundation’s Circular Startup Index has already expedited our work, bringing us into contact with potential partners – businesses that are leading the way and surfacing hundreds of circular solutions. We have already started working with one of the businesses we found on the Index, and are inspired by the ongoing opportunity to engage with some of the most forward-thinking businesses in the circularity space.”

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