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woman holding Planet over Profit placard
Navigating collapse: profound insights from ‘Breaking Together’

Insights into Navigating Turbulence with ‘Breaking Together’


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Decentralized tech & activism unite at DWeb camp

DWeb Camp: Unites decentralized technology with activism.


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The future of co-living: transforming spaces into vibrant communities

Unlock the potential of co-living through collaboration, connection, and growth.


lined red, blue, and black bicycles on display
Revolutionize bike rental: Bratislava’s bike kitchen empowers sharing economy

Cooperative bike hire in Bratislava empowers individuals and promotes sustainability.


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Sustainable platforms: a new era of business models

Lucia Hernandez Within the nature of regenerative platform business models is a compelling ecosystem; a value-creation-coordination model…

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The Power of a Shorter Workweek: Transforming Work Culture

by Robert Raymond Studies show that a shorter workweek is healthier for people and the…

a watercolor painting of the earth in space
Experience the power of giving: buy nothing

Born of a resolve to protect the earth and educate people about our relationship with…

people having meeting on rectangular brown table
Funding the next economy beyond venture capital and angel investment

Fundraising is possibly the most pressing issue facing new business owners looking to get a…

How to achieve a zero-waste lifestyle

Alexandra Frost Are you someone who loves the environment, and the idea of going green,…

How to start and participate in a Buy Nothing group

Paige Wolf Editor’s note: This article was originally published in 2018. In the time since then, the…