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aerial photography of road
Belt and Road Initiative: a decade in review

Analysing Belt and Road Initiative’s impact on global infrastructure and development.


group of people standing near trees
COP28’s math challenge: equity for Global South’s climate goals

Global South’s voice: COP28’s pivotal moment for equality.


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Are Indian business schools taking sustainability seriously?

Environmental, social and governance issues are climbing up the international agenda, prompting some of India’s…

group of people standing near trees
Opinion: Whatever happens at COP27, climate finance must be overhauled

This article was originally published on The Third Pole under the Creative Commons BY NC…

brown pyramid under blue sky during daytime
What is COP27, and why is it so important?

The Third Pole With COP27 coming up in November, here’s what we know so far…

black charcoal
Coal dust casts a pall over children’s health in Pakistan

The children of coal miners in Balochistan are paying the price for their parents’ occupation.…

village on himalayas mountain valley
Nepal’s controversial move to cash in on wildlife farming

Nepal is pressing ahead with controversial plans to launch commercial farming of wild animals in…

smiling woman at the field
Women reap the rewards of planting mangroves in Bangladesh

A look at how women in coastal communities next to the Sundarbans are protecting nature,…