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rice in bowl
China is tackling its food crisis by turning forests into farmland

China tackles food crisis by converting forests into productive farmland.


a large boat in a body of water near a factory
New law forces major polluters to reduce carbon footprint

The country’s environmental movement has long been divided over best way forward Written by Kevin…

person holding green paper
How young people around the world experience AI, in their own words

They talk security, censorship, and productivity By Soledad Magnone, Umi Said, George Vella, Sandra Ruhizi…

Is India’s transition to clean energy achievable or an empty promise?

India pledges to use 50 percent renewable energy sources by 2030. Written byMoushumi Basu The…

Coca-Cola glass bottle
Coca-Cola, the world’s largest plastic polluter, is sponsoring COP27. Here’s why that’s a problem

This story by Sydney Allen originally appeared on Global Voices on November 3, 2022. In a massive feat of…

green coral reef under water
An all-women coral conservation team is helping to revive Indonesia’s world-famous Gili reefs

Sydney Allen There has been no shortage of alarming articles and videos in recent years about the imminent and…

person holding sliced vegetables on basket
How can tea workers in Bangladesh survive on a daily wage of less than 2 USD?

Written byপান্থ রহমান রেজা (Pantha), Translated byRezwan The minimum daily wage of tea pickers in…