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a gorilla sitting on a rope in a tree
Zoo dilemma: captivity’s impact on wildlife

Caged Beauty: Zoos’ Dual Role in Protecting and Restricting Wildlife


sliced vegetables on brown wooden chopping board
Ultra-processed foods: the hidden health hazards

Ultra-processed foods harm your health silently.


white and black cow on green grass field during daytime
93 per cent of climate news never mentions meat

Media’s influence on climate awareness and action


woman wearing beige and red floral top leaning on gray concrete slab with white leather bag ontop
Revealing fashion’s dark secret: animal abuse must end now

Fashion industry’s neglect of animal cruelty issues sparks urgent call for change.


fried meat with sliced cucumber on black plate
Are plant-based burgers really healthy?

Plant-based burgers offer a lower environmental impact than traditional beef burgers.


gray and black textile on black textile
Is cashmere ethical?

Cashmere has been used in clothing and accessories for thousands of years, eventually becoming a…

bunch of vegetables
Saving food waste from landfill, one Whatsapp message at a time

My phone buzzes, displaying a new message in my local Foodsharing Whatsapp group. Five pictures appear…

brown and red rooster on gray concrete floor
Avian Flu is making it tougher to keep backyard chickens

In a London suburb, a woman heads out to the end of her garden, where…