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a group of oil rigs in the ocean
More than half of oil accidentally spilled in UK waters reached marine protected areas, analysis finds

Devastating oil spill impacts UK’s marine protected areas


a body of water surrounded by a forest
UK heatwave threatens water supply

UK water supply crisis worsens in heatwave


architectural photography of water dam
Heatwave hits UK reservoirs: water companies under pressure

UK companies battle water crisis amidst heatwave


a white bird sitting on top of a sandy beach
UK rivers under threat: pollution crisis unearthed

Greenpeace uncovers alarming pollution levels in UK rivers


brown and black cardboard box
How big dairy misleads consumers: Greenpeace uncovers the truth

Dairy industry’s deceptive marketing and lobbying practices exposed by Greenpeace.


green trees and green grass during daytime
UK commits to 30% biodiversity target: but is it ambitious enough?

Natural England warned ministers that, under current targets, the UK will fail to meet its…