What if seatbelts could be more…stylish? Meet the brand behind the ultimate upcycle

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Strong, durable, lifesaving. But what happens to them at the end of their life?

All the qualities that make seatbelts so effective become an environmental nightmare when they’re sent to landfill.

Did you know that one seatbelt alone will take over 400 years to break down?

Thankfully, where one person sees trash, another sees treasure…

In Brazil, you are not allowed to mend broken seatbelts – they must be replaced. And the law says you have to replace them every 10 years, regardless of their condition.

Which means a stream of waste to landfill or being burnt and making air pollution worse.

But then along came Belo…

A Brazilian-British brand started by two friends on opposite sides of the world, determined to sew kindness back into the seams of the fashion industry.

Their luxury accessories are made with materials that others would treat as waste, and through their vision they’ve unlocked something truly beautiful.

Through their partnership with local mechanics in Brazil, they’ve already saved over 3,800 metres of seatbelts – creatively reworking them into long-lasting and stylish bags that deserve a place on the pages of fashion magazines.

From their humble beginnings, these materials are given new life thanks to a team of talented artisans 

And profits from every sale are used to support Casa de Maria, a cornerstone of the Belo Horizonte community – one of the poorest areas in Brazil. Casa de Maria provides food and shelter to vulnerable people and strengthens the community from within.

Make your world a little brighter and find the treasure in the everyday when you #ShopEthicalInstead with Belo.

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